Why Invest ?

Easy, one stop investment shopping

Successful track record

No property management hassles

Superior return, compared to stock based mutual funds

Superior return, compared to individual condo investment

Depending on your needs, rental income can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly – target being monthly

Depending on your needs, income can be paid as dividends which are taxed at a lower rate than income

On the capital gains portion of your investment, which represents the majority of the return, no taxes are paid until asset is sold, years later, yielding tax free growth like an RRSP!

Investment can be from within an RRSP, under certain conditions, or with non-RRSP money

Fair, and equitable, treatment of tenants – sound tenant management principles

Low overhead

Monthly statements

Your investment is secured on property title allowing control like an individual title

Open book investment philosophy – all invoices or expenses are available to investor

Win/win investment philosophy with Astute as your partner

Well selected properties in growth oriented communities and areas of Ontario

Upside potential for rents and value appreciation